Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ever since Isaac was a baby, he has been drawn to hearts.

The shape, the color...I've never really understood it before.  When he first started looking at books, one of the many shape board books we had became his favorite.  He would sit in the rocking chair, flip frantically to the page that he memorized, and stare longing at the red heart.  He would put the book against his cheek and close his eyes.  It was a sight I can't forget.

For a boy who has fought so hard to identify and communicate emotions, Valentine's Day is HUGE.  The hearts he loves are everywhere...in stores, on commercials, at school and on little cards handed out from friends.  It's an overload of hearts for Isaac--and he soaks it all in with smiles.

"Mom, what is a heart?"  The question came this morning as we were getting dressed.  I stopped as I was helping him button his red plaid shirt (he wanted to wear red).  I tried to expain it in a way that would be both scientific (he needs that concrete image to build off of as a context for understanding)...and figurative.  "Well..." I started,  "it just means love."  There...I waited to see if the answer met his approval (if it didn't I would get another series of questions).  He just smiled and hugged me.  "I love you Mom."

Paper hearts, stuffed hearts, hearts with lace or made of chocolate...it doesn't matter to Isaac.

It's all about the love.

Isaac getting a smootch from big bro Ethan