Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shake your groove thang, baby

"Do it like this, Isaac!"  Ethan is trying to explain to his brother how to shake his hips.  Through giggles and guffaws, the two shake their money makers...or at least Isaac tries to.  Dan and I sit on the couch, stifling laughs as we acknowledge simultaneously the obvious:  Isaac cannot move his bottom half in a different direction than the top. 

I know movement isn't always easy for Isaac.  When we have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, I encourage Isaac to dance.  It helps him with his spatial awareness--knowing where your arms and legs and feet go and how they move is often something we take for granted.  He stands still and makes strange faces instead.  Once in awhile he'll move, mostly making abrupt drops to the floor and flapping his arms.  It's quite avant-garde.  
I love that even though this "getting down" stuff is hard for Isaac, he still tries.  He laughs at himself, and he laughs at his brother.  He is genuinely enjoying the embarrassment.  He isn't taking himself too seriously:  a lesson I need to remember now and again. 

How Isaac roles, circa, 2008
Not trying is overrated.  Giving it your all, even if you look silly or don't get it right the first time--now THAT'S how to live. 

Shake your groove thang, baby boy. 

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