Friday, September 2, 2011


There are approximately 42 Matchbox and/or Hot Wheels vehicles scattered on my kitchen table.  A small firehouse from a village play set sits in the midst of them.  These little cars look like they have made a holy journey to a mecca of sorts...they circle the firehouse awaiting a command from Isaac.  He sits above them, perched and ready to begin...

"Welcome."  I hear Isaac say in a calm, steady voice.  I turn my head to see what he's up to. He continues..."Welcome.  TO THE PARTY!!!!"  His little legs begin to swing with excitement as he lifts each car and makes them do a little dance of joy, accompanied with a different voice.  A silver 4x4 has a deep timbre and says, "YAHOO!"  A tiny yellow hatchback says with a high pitched squeal, "Yippee!!!"  I watch in awe, smiling, as each car or vehicle expresses their happiness at this Firehouse Party Isaac is throwing. 

After his celebration, Isaac turns around on the kitchen bench and asks me.  "Can I bring the party to Hocking Hills?"  I almost spit out my coffee with a laugh.  He has no idea how hilarious that sounds. 

This is our first time to Hocking Hills.  It's going to be a laid back, explorational, and hopefully relaxing weekend with my husband's side of the family.  It's also going to be a weekend away with my hubby before he heads out the day after we get back, for Hong Kong and China once again.  I'm picturing a weekend full of shorts and t-shirts, no make-up, bonfires at a state park, and maybe some shopping or hiking. picturing a party.  A BIG one.

I hug him and tell him how much he makes me happy.  "Mommy, can I bring my cars?"  I tell him yes.  He decides to take them all, and proceeds to pour them into his suitcase.  "Let's pick a few to take, okay?"  I assure him the party will be just as fun with a few as it will with a bazillion. 

This weekend is about quality, not quantity.  I know once we get there, Isaac will appreciate that kind of a party.  I will too.

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