Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper Jellyfish

Today, Isaac brought home a jellyfish.

Not a real one, per se, but a handmade purple and yellow and blue jellyfish.  He was so proud of his creation. 

As we looked at his construction paper and crepe creature, we talked about other animals that live in the sea (this is the topic in his preschool class).  "And the whales have a blowhole on top of their head!"  He said while lightly bouncing on his tiptoes, one foot, back to the other...very gracefully.  I look at him and smile.  "What if the whale sneezes?  He's gonna need a really BIG tissue to blow his nose!"  More tiptoeing, more laughing.

Isaac started running up and down our long kitchen, watching the crepe tentacles on his jellyfish flutter behind him.  I watched and started thinking about how much this boy and his jellyfish have in common. 

Jellyfish are mysterious, yet, you can literally see right through them. Some have the most amazing colors on earth and are absolutely unique. You can't help but watch them, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of shear awe. I found myself doing that very thing to Isaac just then;  the colors of his world are brilliant and inspiring.  

Jellyfish don't have much of an ability to swim far on their own strength.  They rely on the currents of the oceans and waters they live in to help them get from place to place.  Isaac needs the currents of love and support of those around him to help him get where he's destined to go. 

Of course, jellyfish can sting.  Their marks can be a painful reminder that they mean business.  Of course, Isaac doesn't sting, but the challenge of helping others to see the brilliant colors that I see in him, or to help him move from one place to the next can leave a painful stripe on our psyches.  I'm still glad he has a knowledge of self-preservation from the likes of those who may not respect what or who he is.  That's what I'm hoping to continue to reinforce. 

Psalm 139:14 says, "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know this full well." 

This is truth.  Isaac is made wonderfully, and I am in awe of him.  I can watch as he spins in circles, laughing with that paper jellyfish, but I know full well that nothing else that God designed compares to my son.  Just as Isaac was so excited to show me his creation this afternoon, I like to picture Isaac's Creator just as excited to remind me of my son's beauty.  He is unique, he is purposed, and he is just right.  And it's so good to be reminded...

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