Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toilet teacher

There's this really handsome, talented, selfless man that I live with.  We share a bed, a cramped closet, hopes, a stubborn attitude, love of laughter, 2 sons, and a heart.  My husband is wonderful.  We make a great team.  (And we clean up pretty nicely, if I say so myself.)

After months of working late in a very busy season of Dan's career (which has been hard on all of us), I love seeing the warm welcome he gets at the door.  Sometimes, Ethan is busy playing, watching something on the computer, or sidetracked to notice that Dad came home.  But this never gets past Isaac.  He has a Spidey-sense when it comes to knowing the moment of Daddy's arrival.  He hears the faint click of the kitchen door opening...and, like a gun shot, he's gone, running to Dan. 

"I want to give Daddy a BIG SQUEEZE and a BIG KISS!"  Isaac says.  Dan soaks it up like a dried sponge. 

The other evening, Isaac was using the bathroom off of our kitchen when Dan came in the door.  As usual, he set his computer and bag at the door and took off his coat.  Isaac flings open the bathroom door so we could see his little legs dangling as he sat.  "Hi Daddy!  I'm going potty." Dan smiled and said, "Okay, buddy, finish up and you can come out and say hi."  I snagged this opportunity to give Dan the welcome home hug he usually gets from Isaac...of course, I gave him a kiss too.  A Mommy kiss...and those are very different than an Isaac kiss.

Isaac still hadn't closed the bathroom door; his little face and eyes peeking at us as we showered one another with affection.  After we had hugged for what didn't seem like long enough...we heard Isaac's voice announce.  "Daddy, you love Mommy"  Dan nodded enthusiastically, "Oh yes, Daddy loves Mommy."  Isaac looked at me next.  "Mommy, you love Daddy TOO!"  I responded with the same phrase Dan used. 

In a weird way, it was as if we were taking our vows again in the middle of the kitchen--only, our Officiator was using the funny-- 2 taboos came together to create a great teaching moment:  PDA's and using the bathroom with the door open. 

Isaac doesn't get embarrassed easily, and he's taught me to do the same.  When it comes to questions of love and life, he gets right to the core.  He knows how to show affection, but being able to let him see Mom and Dad showing affection was a valuable lesson--one that not enough parents are brave enough, or candid enough to share with their children. 

Mommies and Daddies love.  Isaac's position (even if it's on a toilet seat) is TOTALLY right on.

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