Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken n' waffles

I'm not a huge foodie, per se, but I enjoy cuisine that is unique and flavorful. I'm willing to try new things (within reason...my husband Dan is better at this than I).  I've had cow tongue, quail eggs, various indigenous vegetables and fruits of foreign lands...but I've never, ever had chicken and waffles. 

Isaac however, loves it.

I know there are huge fans of this combo.  There are places specifically made to serve this interesting meal, and fans galore will flock there to partake.  Is it dinner?  Is it breakfast?  For Isaac...it is all of the above.  Serve with a side of Green Goodness and you've got yourself gourmet, baby.

For a while, Isaac was strictly gluten and casein free.  As a parent, I've heard all sides of the argument about how diet affects the mind and body, especially when it comes to children on the autism spectrum like my son.  Using the knowledge Dan and I gleaned from late nights researching articles and books, and frankly, just grasping at anything we could do to see if something would help Isaac come out of his "shell" gave us the push we needed to switch to GFCF.  He already refused to drink milk or do much dairy--and was very texture oriented (couldn't be too hot, too cold, etc) so we knew our boundaries.  Being sure to accommodate for the needs of a toddler at the time (calcium, protein, good fats, etc.) we did our best and spent lots of moolah on getting Isaac a diet that we hoped would help.

Not many people see change, but we did.  We saw clarity, we saw comfort in knowing what foods were available, and we saw Isaac enjoying what he ate, and not just picking at it or passing on meals. He began to show interest in food!   It was refreshing, and it gave us a sense that we could help in some way.

Eventually, we began introducing regular foods into Isaac's diet.  Slowly but surely, we would make up fun games to get him to try a bite of this, a taste of that on his lips...we would cheer for him when he made the effort.  Our labor has paid off.

I just find it funny that of all of Isaac's favorite foods, a combination like chicken and waffles would be his favorite.  Then again...with such a unique little boy, why should his tastes be any different?

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