Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where's the sun?

This winter morning started with darkness. 

Isaac came, heavy feet pounding on the hardwood floors on my bedroom at 6:00 a.m. announcing the new day.  "Mom, the sun's up!"  I crack open one eye to see said sun, but to no avail.  It's cold, (4 degrees, in fact) looks like the middle of the night, and this little bright-eyed boy is telling me it's a new day.

This is typical Isaac. 

Always seeing the world differently (and usually, more correctly) than the rest of us do. 

If there would have been a glass of water on my nightstand, he would have seen it half full.  He is a positive force when I am a negative one.  We attract one another. 

I walk to the bathroom, being followed all the way by a little bouncy 4 year old who is flapping his hands lightly.  "Honey, thumbs up" I tell him in my morning voice.  He quickly changes the flapping to a controlled, vigorous thumbs up and smiles.  "Good job, buddy--thumbs up when we're excited!"  I hardly see the hand flapping, but when I's a sure sign that he's extremely happy.  No complaints there.

He cheers for me as I use the toilet and wash my hands while saying the ABC's.  He's my biggest fan.  I'd like to think I'm his.

So, the sun finally comes out.  Isaac knew it would.  Here's to a new day.


  1. It's wonderful to follow another on a makes our own more meaningful.